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In this area we will feature some of the more pressing concepts of the internet and Web Sites in general. If you are looking for a how-to or a way to trouble-shoot something please do one of two things: 1) If you are a client, Send a Trouble Ticket 2) Browse our Help Documents and our Knowledge Base for general questions.


Every web site has (or should have) what is called META tags. The key to a posative and higher ranking result in search engines is proper presentation of your key information. This is done with stratigic keyword analysis (Part of our SEO Packages) and a good combing of your content. This quote from Christine Churchill sums it up nicely. "Conducting a good keyword analysis is the first step in an effective search engine marketing campaign. If you don't chose good keywords, all efforts to boost your ranking will be wasted. And the very first step within your keyword analysis is brainstorming. Before you begin focusing on keyword popularity, you need to think outside the box and develop a good list of words." - Christine Churchill of

- Interweb Staff

Content SyndicationContent Syndication

When people start throwing acronyms around, a lot of us just shut down and tune out. There is this overwhelming sence of 'awe' we have attached to them. However, there are some very pertinant and rather important acronyms floating around right now. One of them is RSS. The history and lateral adjustments made to this XML module are immense. We will only get into it briefly here. Many a 'whowhatwhenwherehow' sites out there have flagrantly different views and stances on where RSS came from. Lets go to the source. is the most technical definition of RSS we have come across, so therefore it makes sense that this is the real deal.
Ok, What does it mean to me?! Simple. RDF Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication is a means to take your fresh content and offer it up as a live feed to content aggregating programs. This ultimately means for your companies web site: More viewers, more options, more exposure. If your interested in incorporating some dynamic content into your web site, let us know and we would be glad to go over the necessary steps with you.

- Interweb Staff
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